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:: Meet Ken Schaumburg

"I cannot seem to draw a square room. My work is either curving or flowing or strongly angular, geometric and sensual..." - Ken Schaumburg

World renowned architect

Architect Ken Schaumburg began his career as an architect in the mid- 70s and has designed literally thousands of residential projects across every state in the nation, including multi-million dollar estates for heads of internationally renowned companies. From Hilton Head Island to New Mexico to Maui, Ken Schaumburg's stunning home designs are world class. Commercial projects have also taken Schaumburg to Canada, the Middle East and Brazil.

The walls in his Fort Worth office tell the story best. They are literally covered with one after another artistic renderings of home plans that are in the works. Anything that one might imagine and that which only an artist might imagine can be found on these walls.

Residential Focus

The Barnish Residence Vaquero, Westlake, Texas

Ken Schaumburg's business has focused mainly on residential architecture because he enjoys the creativity and personal relationships of working one on one with people who want to design their dream homes.

The challenge, says Ken, is in taking whatever space and materials you have available and evolving that into the most exciting expression and most creative use of the materials.

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